Six Moldovan citizens have been injured in a naval accident that occurred after the violent collision of two boats near the city of Tulcea in the Danube Delta.

Information and Communication Service of the Moldovan Foreign Ministry, informed that there were 14 Moldovan citizens on the board of one of the two boats, involved in the accident.

According to, a boat with 14 cardiologists from Moldova made several erroneous maneuvers to avoid a collision with another boat that hindered its movement, which resulted in injuries to six persons. The doctors had attended a Congress of Cardiologists, held in the Danube Delta, and were returning to Tulcea.

According to the Romanian authorities, six Moldovan citizens were seriously injured in the accident, of which a person is in a coma, two had serious injuries, but are out of danger and three have minor injuries. The Romanian authorities are investigating the causes and circumstances of the naval accident.

"Three of the victims have already been discharged, two will remain hospitalized for 24 hours, and another person, who suffered a head injury, was taken to the Neurosurgical Hospital in Constanta," said the Prefect of Tulcea, Cristian Alexandru Jordan.

The Minister of Health of the Republic of Moldova, Ruxandra Glavan, wrote on her Facebook page that she would be monitoring the situation.

"Tonight, several Moldovan citizens have been involved in a naval accident in the Danube Delta. Six people were sent to the Tulcea County Hospital, a patient is in a grave condition, two are in a grave but stable condition, and the rest are out of danger. The patient that is in a more serious condition was transferred to Constanta. We keep in touch with our colleagues from Romania and are monitoring the situation in the hope that all those seriously injured will recover".

Our Consulate General in Iasi is in contact with both medical institutions to monitor the health of Moldovan citizens and with law enforcement agencies in Tulcea to elucidate the circumstances of the accident.


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