Recently the press learned about new dubious schemes at the Free International Airport Marculeshti. As a result of a chain of instructions three Anti-Air Gun Vehicles were sold to a dubious off-shore company. These were soviet guns «S-125 M1 Neva».

So, it began on December, 10 in 2015, when the Minister of Defence Anatoly Shalaru signed an instruction of transmission of the guns to the Free International Airport Marculeshti (FIAM). The object was «to strengthen the facilities», but FIAM took another decision.

   A dubious licence

On December, 25 FIAM announced a tender for the sale of guns at a very modest price– $ 600 000 ($ 200 000 per unit). But the president of the country cancelled the tender, because then the state was to elect a new government.

The second attempt

After the election of a new government the management of the airport announced a new tender. The announce was only in Romanian and consisted of two sentences. Anyway, there was a company that noticed it. It became the single participant of the tender and, that is why, won it, offering a price of $ 660 000.

S Profit.pngSource:

The company «S-Profit» is registered in UK. The directiors are: an ucrainian  Artyom Zabora and a widely known in criminal circles and from many scandals with guns and terrorism Yan Taylor. Earlier the company used to be an intermediary in the schemes of the sale of guns by Ucraine to South Sudan. The company bougth the guns at a smaller than market one price and sold them at a bigger price, gaining enormous profits.

Neighter the Ministry of Defence, nor the director of the airport could say how the S-Profit knew about the tender.

What is the main problem?

Right after the licence the ministry affirmed that the guns were defected. 


The veterans of the National Army don’t think so. They claimed in a press conference that the sale prejudiced the state by $30 mln. The defense capacity of Moldova significantly went down. A similar new Anti-Air Gun Vehicle costs about $ 20 mln. A functional gun of old model is appreciated at $ 10 mln. The repair of the defected Anti-Air Gun Vehicles which Moldova possessed could cost from 3 to 5 mln dollars. Now there is only one Anti-Air Gun Vehicle in Moldova.

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