The parents who will neglect or abuse their children will pay damages and will be prosecuted, according to the legislative amendments on the Family Code and the Penal Code approved on Wednesday, November 9th by the Government.

The document states the prosecution of parents for failure or improper fulfillment of obligations in upbringing and education of the child and collecting from guilty parents, the upbringing and education spending in social services, from the time of placement until the child's reintegration into the family.

Also, the children will be entitled to claim material or moral damage compensation, for body or health injuries or violation of personal property rights, due to violence, neglect, exploitation or avoiding to exercise the parental duties.

At the same time, the Criminal Code was supplemented by two articles on parents criminal responsibility for willfully avoiding to exercise their parental duties.

Through these legislative changes, the authorities aim to ensure more effective implementation of the law on special protection of children at risk, and children separated from their parents.

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