Several violations in the anti-Chirtoaca referendum have been reported by Promo-LEX observers. According to the Association, some polling stations were opened late, some ballot boxes were not sealed and advertising materials were found in the proximity of the polling stations. 

Promo-LEX informs that an observer of the Association was restricted access to the station in Botanica district.

With reference to the presence of advertising materials within the polling station (100 m away from the polling station), the Association found 2 cases, one in Truseni and another in the center of the Chisinau.

Promo-LEX observers also informed of 7 cases, where ballot boxes were not sealed according to the existing requirements. Such cases have been reported in Vatra, Rascani, Sangera, Chisinau, Ciocana district, Center district and Buiucani district. In most cases, the boxes were sealed with a smaller number of seals than required.

There have also been recorded deficiencies in the operation of the count up system (SIAS Alegeri). Thus, while the system showed that a voter voted, the person claimed the opposite. The case occurred in Botanica district and the technical problem has already been fixed.

Deficiencies in the voting lists were revealed in Cricova. A man found on the voting list the name of his wife, who had deceased.

Another violation occurred in Botanica district, where a voter photographed the ballot. In this case, the police were notified.

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