The decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova (CCM) to qualify as unconstitutional the excessive limiting of the rights of persons with mental disabilities has enabled them to regain their rights. Dumitru Sliusarenco, the lawyer of Promo-LEX Association, made a statement to this effect in a press conference on Friday, November 18.

According to him, before this decision of the CCM, mentally challenged people had no access to justice. "They could not file an application to court, attend civil proceedings, or contest a judgment, and so on. These actions were only possible through guardianship," Sliusarenco said.

"After the judgment, those concerned will be able to regain their rights and to hire a lawyer who will defend them in courts," Sliusarenco explained.

Present at the press conference, the Secretary of the People’s Advocate (Ombudsman), Olga Vacariuc, noted that Moldova ratified in 2008 the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  This requires ensuring all their rights. "After the decision of the CCM, any disabled person may appeal to court with a request concerning any area of ​​social life. It is a success of the human rights defenders in Moldova in their struggle to ensure the rights of people with disabilities”, Vacariuc said.

According to statistics, there are about 4,000 mentally challenged persons in Moldova.

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