Nicu Sendrea, a prosecutor within the Chisinau Prosecutor's Office, purchased in 2017 a Toyota Prius, produced in 2012. According to his last wealth statement, the car cost 10 thousand lei.

In the Republic of Moldova, the market price of such a car starts from 6 thousand euros.

The law enforcer drives a Volvo XC60, manufactured in 2015 that someone had allegedly given him for free in 2016.

Sendrea also owns an apartment and a garage, purchased in 2015. While in 2017, he bought a 21.8 square meter building, paying 1526 euros for it. 

Nicu Sendrea, who is said to be a close associate of the deputy prosecutor general, Igor Popa, has come to the attention of the media for having filed criminal cases against several civic activists inconvenient for the government.

In 2017, prosecutor Sendrea was targeted in an investigation carried out by CrimeMoldova.

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