The car used by the Prosecutor Nicolae Zanevici was caught speeding in the opposite direction on Calea Iesilor in Chisinau, creating traffic accident situations. 

Zanevici claims he was not driving the car.

Irregular ride of the vehicle Toyota Avensis with the registration number ST AN 001 was filmed by a board camera on 31 December at 1:28. The same car was seen parked at the entrance to the Prosecutor’s Office of Chisinau on January 3, 2017.

Asked by CrimeMoldova, Nicolae Zanevici said that he didn’t own this car, but acknowledged that he used it.
Zanevici said that he wasn’t driving the car on the night of December 31 and didn’t know who had been driving the car in the opposite direction. "I'm interested to find out who was driving. I will notify the National Inspectorate of Patrol," the official told us.

According to his Statement of income and expenses for 2015, Prosecutor Nicolae Zanevici has the loan of Toyota Avensis from 2013.

The press officer of the National Inspectorate of Patrol, Natalia Golovco, told for CrimeMoldova that they identified the owner of Toyota Avensis with the registration number ST AN 001 and invited him for explanations. "We shall establish who was driving, to be punished in accordance with the law," Golovco said.

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