Chisinau Prosecutor's Office appealed to the Court of Appeal the Chisinau Centre Court’s decision taken in December of 2016,  in the explosion case from “La Soacra” café, from January of the same year. According to prosecutors, the decision was illegal and the penalties - too lenient.

The police believes that the court has determined a mild punishment on the company director, managing the café, and Emergencies Directorate representative.

Also, according to the prosecutors, the court did not classify correctly the actions of the National Center for Public Health representative from Chisinau, when requalifying his actions from influence peddling to negligence.

At the same time, the prosecution considers that court acquitted the representative of the DG Trade and public services from Chisinau incorrectly, considering the fact that he was accused of influence peddling.

Please note that the café administrator and the person responsible for fire safety, were sentenced to 6 years in prison. Also the DG Trade and public services employee was sentenced to 2 years on probation and the clerk of the Municipal Department of Commerce was acquitted.

The manager of the café, Andrei Iarîna, was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of six years in semi-closed prison. The official in charge of fire prevention, Sergiu Popel, was also sentenced to six years in jail, in a semi-closed prison. The employee of the National Centre for Public Health did not escape punishment either. Vasile Toma received two years of probation, being prohibited to leave the country until the completion of sentence.

The specialist from the municipal Commerce Department, Boşcălean Ludmila,  was acquitted for influence peddling but was fined with 20 thousand lei for corruption, with disqualification to hold public office for a period of up to two years.

A fire occurred in the café “La Soacra” on the 9th of January, 2015. The café was located in a two-story building from central Market of the capital and the fire occurred as a result of gas cylinders explosion. Following the explosion, 17 people aged between 12 and 63 years, have suffered.

Subsequently, 4 people died as a result of the fired. A man died in the hospital after his condition worsened and other three women died after being transported to Bucharest hospital for burns and undergoing surgery. The other 13 victims have suffered multiple traumas.

Previously, the manager of the café was sentenced to four years and one month in jail, in an open prison for women. Alina Iarîna was found guilty of violating the rules of safety and labor protection.


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