The Border Police of Romania made a shocking discovery on Sunday morning, when they stopped a 19-year-old Moldovan citizen, who stuck to his body several packs of cigarettes. 

Border guards at Sculeni border point identified Mihai M., a Moldovan citizen, 19, on a bus, following from Ungheni to Iasi. The young man stuck with sticky tape several packs of cigarettes to his body. Mihai tried to bring to Romania 1,240 cigarettes of Plugarul brand, according to the Facebook page of Border Police.

contrabandă 02

The value of cigarettes amounts to 281 lei, while the young man was sanctioned with a fine amounting to 5,000 lei.

contrabandă 01

Border Police were surprised by the smuggler’s method to bring cigarettes into Romania; it gave the impression of a Hollywood movie. Perhaps, the young man imagined he was in Hollywood, when he decided to do so.

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