A Romanian citizen with a criminal record in Spain, France and Monaco was detained on Wednesday, November 9, by the Giurgiulesti-Galati Border Police officers. The authorities of Monaco issued an arrest warrant against him for attempted theft.

The press service of the Border Police said that they identified a Romanian citizen, aged 25, residing in the city of Galati, who was internationally wanted. The border guards found that he was listed in the Interpol database for several crimes. He was subsequently found to have criminal records for thefts in France and Spain, and is currently condemned by the Monaco authorities for attempted theft.

The Head of Press Service of the Border Police, Dorina Cebotari, said, "when attempting to enter the country, the young man did not have suspicious things on him. However, he did not announce the purpose of his entry into Moldova," Cebotari said.

According to sources in the Border Police, the Romanian citizen has been recently released from a prison in France.

The Romanian citizen was arrested and placed in remand ward. Subsequently, the court will establish the day of his extradition to Monaco.

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