A truck sought by the Slovak authorities, was detained on the 12th of December at the custom point Leuşeni.

The DAF FTXF 105 model truck, manufactured in 2010 and with the registration numbers from Romanian, was driven by a 28-year-old young man from Piatra Neamț, Romania, who planned to cross the state border, by going the direction of entering the Republic of Moldova.

After checking the driver’s travel documents, there were also checked the documents of the means of transportation. As a result, the border guards found that the truck appeared in the INTERPOL database, as sought by the Slovak authorities.

At the hearing, the young man told the employees of the Border Police that he did not know anything about the found facts, stating that he is working at a company, as a driver of heavy machinery.

Truck was unavailable territory crossing point Leuseni until completion of investigations and legal measures to be taken.

The truck is currently unavailable on the territory of the custom point Leușeni, until completion of the investigations and until all the legal measures are taken.




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