Silvia Radu, the interim mayor of the capital, suspended from office during the electoral period, was noticed to be accompanied by the police at an electoral event. The candidate at the head of the capital said the police were there, being involved in the "Caring Grandmother" project, which ensures the safety of children crossing the streets when they come or leave the school.

The candidate for Chisinau mayor's office came at about at 10.00 at "Teodor Bubuioc" High School in Bubuieci, a suburb of the capital, where she opened a playground from the donation made by a businessman whose child is studying at the institution . Silvia Radu said that the money was donated to her election campaign, and she decided to give it to the education institution.

The policeman, who is around Silviei Radu, also confirmed that he came to implement the project "Caring Grandparents". But a policeman said he was involved in ensuring public order, including during Silvia Radu's visit.

The "Caring Grandparents" campaign started on February 1, 2018 and provides for the involvement of older people in the morning, midday or evening, in ensuring children's safety while crossing the street.

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