Moldovan Bar Association condemns abuses of lawyers and protests against intimidation and bringing to criminal liability of lawyers for arbitrary, unfair and subjective reasons.

President of the Bar, Nina Lozan, said today, March 1, in a press conference that lawyers are forced to react, because abuses of state officials continue. Lozan stated that the state officials apply pressure on lawyers and attack their right to independence and free exercise of their profession.

"Our colleagues are being prosecuted based on an article, unenforceable so far in handling criminal cases", Lozan referred in particular to two lawyers - Veaceslav Turcan and Maxim Belinschi. The two defenders have been initiated two criminal cases each. President of the Bar believes that this creates a serious legal precedent and that the cases initiated are disproportionate and unfounded.

The lawyers, present at the press conference, also accused the state officials. The Dean of Chisinau Bar Association, Emanoil Plosnita believes that lawyers lack professional immunity and that initiation of criminal proceedings against the lawyers Belinschi and Turcan was abusive.  Additionally, Plosnita pointed out that the Prosecutor General’s office takes no attitude, and the current Prosecutor General does not react to the initiated proceedings.

"The lawyer should have a free hand to defend his client, and when he is forced to choose between his own safety and the interests of the client, the self-preservation instinct will choose the first option. By this action, we urge you, Mr. Prosecutor General, stop the persecutions, as someone is doing a disservice to you. You have the power to end this persecution against the lawyers Turcan and Belinschi," lawyer Ion Dron said.

The lawyers' opinion is shared by the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), which condemns any of such actions by state authorities because they affect proper legal representation and the rule of law, in general. 

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