"Previous elections were falsified," said Stefan Urîtu, former Deputy President of the Central Election Commission, with a report listing the violations allowed by the authorities in the past few parliamentary and local elections in Moldova, writes anticoruptie.md.

Report author believes that the elections were falsified in large proportions. Uritu believes that the most problematic aspect of elections in Moldova are mistakes in voter lists that do not comply with the legislation. According to Uritu the quality of voter lists degrades: "These mistakes (doubling names, addresses etc.), created as a result of electoral tourism, the incorrect application of art. 123 of the Electoral Code were found in the audit result of voters' lists, conducted in 2012-2013 with the participation of International Foundation for Electoral System. Wrongly, there were included in the electoral lists more than 241.000 voters, which constitutes 9% of the total number of voters at the time (December 2013, when the total number of voters in electoral rolls was 2.5 mln people)", - said Uritu.

Among other ways of falsification of elections, Stefan Urîtu has listed stamping of ballots, sending them to polling stations illegally, without a strict control by the CEC, using electoral tourism, multiplication of voting stamps etc. Stefan Uritu said that the total number of voters increased from a ballot, while the National Bureau of Statistics announces decrease in population.

Ex-deputy head of the CEC believes that the violations committed must deal with the prosecution, but she gave the fourth decision instituting prosecution.

In return, during the meeting with presidential candidates, CEC representatives said that the information from the State Register of Voters are true, they are constantly updated and are not subject to the influence of external factors.

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