The Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP) has a new president, while the Chisinau Prosecutor's Office remained without a deputy chief prosecutor. Angela Motuzoc has been elected president of the self-administrated body of state accusers, replacing Mircea Rosioru, whose term expired on 19 December.

However, Angela Motuzoc will no longer be able to hold the office of deputy prosecutor of the Chisinau municipality, a position she won in the contest, held in early November 2017. Since January 1, 2018, SCP members elected from among the prosecutors, are removed from office. At the same time, starting with this year, the SCP will have a separate budget, which in 2018 will make up 9.8 million lei.

Motuzoc is a prosecutor since 2000 and since January 2003, she has been working in the Chisinau Prosecutor's Office. 

Angela Motuzoc and her husband, Viorel Slabu, who is a lawyer, own an apartment of 90.9 square meters and a quarter of another dwelling of 104 square meters.

The SCP president claims that in 2016 she bought a Mitsubishi, produced in 2012, for only ten thousand lei.

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