editorial writes that they received a information, that the businessman Vadim Anastasov sued Teleradio Gagauzia (TRG) for illegal selection by the Supervisory Board of the Executive Director of TRG, Vladimir Cîlcic.

According to the source, Anastasov explained its decision by the fact that Mr. Cîlcic does not hold seniority over 5 years in the business and administrative organization, as provided by Law no. 66 of UTA Gagauzia "On broadcasting". editorial pointed out that the board has no right to amend the criteria set by law on candidates and the board's decision regarding the approval of Mr Cîlcic as winner of the contest was adopted according to the source, contrary to Article.38, Part 12 of the Law "On broadcasting".

According to another portal in the region (, since today, Vladimir Cîlcic is on illness leave and his duties will be provided by Ivana Keoksal. The portal also points out that Cîlcic is the godson of governor of Gagauzia, Irina Vlah and his advancement to Director of TRG was made with components of corruption.

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