The case of the young woman, admitted to the Mother and Child Institute, from 9th to 14th of December 2017, which claimed several violations and abuses by the institution's employees, reached the General Prosecutor's Office. The Promo-Lex association, which took over the case, filed complaints with the Prosecutor's Office on January 9 regarding the way and quality of women's healthcare, as well as the physical and psychological effects generated.

According to Promo-Lex, the circumstances invoked by the victim reveal a degrading treatment against her in a medical institution.

A statement from the Association also shows that the medical system is not sufficiently transparent and predisposes to serious violations of patients' rights, as confirmed by the Health Ministry's commission in a public conference.

Promo-Lex voiced regret that the Mother and Child Institute administration did not self-incriminate and did not initiate any investigation for nearly three weeks until the victim disclosed the case to a social networking site.

The lawyers of the institution will provide free legal assistance to the victim.

The institution also announces that she has reported a series of problems related to the way of granting the medical assistance during the birth in the medical institutions of the Republic of Moldova. These will be discussed at a public event next week.

On Monday, January 9, at a press conference where the results of an internal investigation on the case were discussed, it was announced that the head of the gynecological department of MCI, the main medical nurse and an assistant who was on guard that day were dismissed from office. Also, an obstetrician and the director of the Perinatal Center were punished with harsh reprimands.

And the director of the Institute, Sergiu Gladun, received a warning.

The Investigation Commission has come to the conclusion that the rules of ethics and medical regulation have been breached.

The members of the committee encouraged patients to report doctors' mistakes and said domestic commissions on malpractice would be set up within healthcare institutions.

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