The Competition Council of Moldova has fined six pharmaceutical companies to the amount of 17.4 million lei for the fact that they refused to fulfil the terms of the contract for the supply of drugs in the health facilities of the country. reports that in the list of fined companies appear some familiar to us from the articles about public procurement firms: DitaEst Farm, Esculap-Farm, Medeferent Grup, SanFarm Prim, Metatron and R & P Bolgar Farm.

The Competition Council conducted an investigation, which revealed that many of these companies were "masters of public procurement" in 2014 and 2015. Read more about the companies in articles of Crime Moldova "The hosts of public procurements in 2014. The masters of the drugs, oil and water public procurements" and "The masters of 2015 public acquisitions the state made deals with".

Some of these firms earlier appeared in drug scandals. (the article  of Crime Moldova "Moldovan pharmaceutical company is under examination of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s prosecutors").

The Competition Council noted that companies are doing their best for the development of its activities. However, the company declined to supply a number of medicines in hospitals and clinics of the country for the sake of their profits and this was considered wrong by the council: "The refusal of some pharmaceutical companies to fulfill the terms of the contract for the supply of available drugs under the pretext that this would affect their business profitability and without taking into account the fact that it endangers people's lives, is an abuse, which would never be tolerated by the Competition Council " – the Council officially argued its decision.

The actions of these companies had a number of negative consequences in the competitive market of drugs and the quality of medical services. The deficiency of medicines in hospitals endangered the lives and health of patients.

Thus, the companies included in the list of the penalty, commited abuse, violating the terms of the contracts. These actions are classified under article 11, par. 2, p.f of the Competition Law №183 from 11.07.2012.

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