big-plahotniuc-si-a-depus-mandatul-de-deputat.jpgThe Court of Appeals cancelled the decision of the court of the central district of Chishinau, by which the firm of Vlad Plahotniuk Finpar Invest got the territory adjoined to the café “Gugutsa”. Thus the court interdicted the privatization of the area and come to a conclusion that the previous decision was illegal.

The well-known café is located in the center of the capital and represent an interest for many companies. Finpar Invest does it’s best to get the territory and build there a 5-star hotel with 13 floors.

The total surface of the café is around 1200 sq m and of the adjoined territory – about 1,5 ha. Earlier the Municipal Council of Chishinau owned (82%) the café, but in 2009 by several dubious schemes it was passed to Finpar Invest.

The Municipal Council tried to get it back and required to cancel the contract for the purchase and sale, but the Supreme Court was on the side of Plahotniuk.

In 2012 the Supreme Court took a decision to pass two pieces of land in the park “La Izvor” and based on the main reason that this territory was likely adjoined to the Finpar Invest restaurant. Then the Mayor of the capital, Dorin Chirtoaca, said that he would appeal the decision, but it didn’t happen.

Now Plahotniuk tries to receive through the court another area in Moldexpo, where are two offices of his media groups (that include 4 TV- channels and 3 radio stations).

According to the investigation performed by Rise Moldova, the firm Finpar Invest is the first and the biggest company of Plahotniuk’s family, Now it is at the top of the biggest companies of fixed assets.

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