The story of the 17-year-old, who accused a 46-year-old man of keeping her locked up for five days in a sauna in Telenesti seems to have another outcome. Reporters of  found out that the girl actually had a relationship with her "aggressor". Moreover, the mother of the so-called victim had formerly had an affair with the man.

According to the source, the forensic expertise showed that the girl had not been raped and during the hearings, she told police officers that she had a relationship for several years with the alleged aggressor.

Alexei Vrajitorul, head of the Telenesti Police Inspectorate, told the source that the authorities were informed about the girl's disappearance by her friend, as her parents did not worry about her disappearance. The victim’s friend told law enforcers that the teenager left home on January 3 in the company of the suspect and never returned.

Consequently, the police found the teenager hidden in the sauna, where the suspect works as a guard. The girl filed a complaint against the suspect, claiming she was held by force to avoid her parents’ punishment.

Police found that while the girl was missing, her parents visited some friends, walked in the center of Telenesti and sat in a cafe. Thus, the offense was not proved, especially since the minor told the police that she had a relationship with the man for a few years.

However, the man was detained for 72 hours and a criminal case was opened against him.

Reporters of have also found that the girl’s parents abuse of alcohol and the family is socially vulnerable. The girl's mother knows about her daughter's relationship with the man. Moreover, the woman frequently goes to the sauna in question, and in the past, she had a relationship with her daughter's aggressor.

"It can be concluded that the girl voluntarily accompanied that man. During all this time, she had the opportunity to run away or ask for someone's help, if she felt her life was at risk. During the hearings, the underage girl told the police that they had a long relationship, and the girl went with the man voluntarily, "the head of Telenesti Police Inspectorate said.

According to the source, the case could be closed without holding the man accountable, although he was previously tried for similar cases.

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