Dan Condrea, who was involved in the Romanian scandal with the disinfectants, died. According to the site MEDIAFAX, the Hexi Pharma’s owner died yesterday in a road accident in Ilfov District in Romania. He drove the car at the speed of about 150 km/h, according to a statement made by the witnesses. The car crashed into a tree, the man had died on the accident spot.

818491l-640x0-w-db8c3063.jpgDan Condrea/ eva.ro

Claudia Burada, the Ilfov District Police press officer, said there are two witnesses of the accident. One of them was driving his car in behind the Condrea’s car, and the second one is the cyclist who was passing through the area.

According to them, on the road the police did not find traces of braking. There will be the car’s expertise.

 The police will send the evidences to the DNA analysis to determine whether the driver was Dan Condrea or not.

The sources told to the MEDIAFAX that there is the possibility that the businessman Dan Condrea committed suicide. The Romania's General Prosecutor Augustin Lazar said that there will be investigated the version of the involuntary manslaughter. The case of the Hexi Pharma’s owner will be prosecuted by the Prosecutor's Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

On April 28, the journalist Catalin Tolontan published in the Gazeta Sporturilor an article that the Hexi Pharma’s disinfectants were diluted 10 times. Currently, the investigations on this scandal continue. More details you can read in an article of Crime Moldova «The Romanian disinfectants scandal reached Moldova”.

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