The SDP leader, Liviu Dragnea, announced the composition of the Government. Afterwards, Călin Popescu Tăriceanu has also presented the nominations submitted by ALD.

According to, Sevil Shhaideh (previously nominated for the premiership) and Daniel Constantin will hold the position of Deputy Prime Minister. The nominated ministers will be heard tomorrow at the parliamentary committees between 8.00 and 14.00.

Grindeanu Cabinet will have the following composition:

·      Deputy Prime Minister and Development Minister : SEVIL SHHAIDEH
·      Deputy Premier and Minister of Environment: DANIEL CONSTANTIN
·      Delegate Minister for European funds: MIHAELA TOADER
·      Interior Minister: CARMEN DAN
·      Minister of Labour: OLGUTA VASILESCU
·      Economy Minister: ALEXANDRU PETRESCU
·      Foreign Minister: TEODOR MELEŞCANU
·      Finance Minister: VIOREL ŞTEFAN
·      Justice Minister: FLORIN IORDACHE
·      Minister for European Affairs: ANA BIRCHALL
·      Interior Minister: CARMEN DAN
·      Agriculture Minister PETRE DAEA
·      Defense Minister: GABRIEL LEŞ
·      Minister of Health: BODOG FLORIN
·      Minister of Transport:  RĂZVAN ALEXANDRU CUC
·      Culture Minister: IONUŢ VULPESCU
·      Minister of Education: PAVEL NĂSTASE
·      Minister of Research: ŞERBAN VALECA
·      Energy Minister: TOMA PETCU
·      Minister for Water and Forests: ADRIANA PETCU
·      Minister of Communications: AUGUSTIN JIANU
·      Minister of Youth: MARIUS DUNCA
·      Minister of public consultation and social dialogue: GABRIEL PETREA
·      Minister for Relations with Parliament: GRAŢIELA GAVRILESCU
·      Minister for Business: FLORIN JIANU
·      Tourism Minister: MIRCEA DOBRE
·      Minister for Romanians Abroad: ANDREEA PĂSTÎRNAC

The new executive would oath on Wednesday evening at 19:00. Sorin Grindeanu intends to hold the first meeting of the Government the same day, at 21:00

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