The residents of Sangera, a suburb of Chisinau, threaten protests on May 20, dissatisfied that the CEC canceled the referendum to be held on May 21.

During the referendum, the people of Sângera were expected to comment on the decision to place an extra-hazardous waste disposal near the locality. The Electoral Commission motivates its decision by the fact that the Ministry of Environment has given up the deposit near the locality.

The intention of the Ministry of Environment to build a Dangerous Waste Management Center near Sângera provoked dissatisfaction among the inhabitants of the suburb. The local councilor Valeriu Popa told CrimeMoldova that the local public administration, in the person of the Liberal mayor, Mihai Lari, knew about the intention of the Ministry of Environment as early as February 2016, but the inhabitants and the majority of the counselors did not know about it until September.

According to Valeriu Popa, the inhabitants worry about their health: "The place where this deposit is to be located is at a distance of 600 meters from the residential area of ​​Dobrogea. There is a 9-storey block where 40 families live. However, it is indicated in the documentation that the center is to be located at a distance of 1300 meters from the residential area. It is foreseen that 35 particularly dangerous waste groups, which have accumulated for many years in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, will be managed in the center. "

The local elected representative said that the people he represents need a referendum to obtain additional guarantees: "We do not agree with the CEC's decision, which was based on a letter from the Ministry of the Environment, which states that the center will no longer be built in Sângera. There is no guarantee that over a year, two or three, this topic won’t be relevant again. 300 000 euros for the construction of the center have already been spent. We do not believe that it was so easy to give up the idea. It may be a momentary decision, but it is not final. The State Chancellery has put another reason for the CEC to cancel the referendum that the construction of the Hazardous Waste Management Center is a matter of national concern and can not be solved by the inhabitants of a community. As if we are opposed to building this center, we only oppose it to be built near our town," Popa said.

The councilor also claims that the Government needs to cancel two judgments, one to assign the land and one to allow the construction to be built.

Contacted by CrimeMoldova, Alecu Renita, president of the Moldovan Ecological Movement, says that residents of Sângera are entitled to oppose: "The hazardous waste landfill is a danger for the inhabitants, no matter how sophisticated the security technologies are. Anything may happen in the event of an earthquake, fire or flood. The Ministry of the Environment first had to consult the population, and only then take the decision.”

In the letter of April 26, 2017 addressed by the Ministry of the Environment to the City Hall of Sângera, it is stated that "following the disagreement of the population in the region, expressed during the public consultations, the Ministry of Environment renounced to built the Center in the location in question, looking for a new location."

The Sângera City Hall includes the town of Sângera, the villages of Dobrogea and Revaca, which have a total of 11 thousand and 609 inhabitants.

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