Andrei Donica, a young man who poured a bucket of milk over the Minister of Finance Octavian Armasu, was released from custody. Chisinau Court of Appeal annulled on Monday, October 10th, the arrest warrant issued last week by the Buiucani Court of the Capital, and decided on Donica's release from judicial control.

While the magistrates were examining the validity of the mandate, about 20 supporters of Donica protested in front of the Court.

The activist is being investigated for hooliganism by Buiucani police department. Previously, Octavian Armasu said in a TV program that he had forgiven Donica, but the latter had to bear responsibility in accordance with the law.

Donica pleads not guilty and says he was protesting in that way, because the government burdened the citizens with the billion, stolen from the National Bank. "I will not give up the fight against genocide of the governance and corruption in the judiciary system," Donica said for CrimeMoldova news portal.

The activist Andrei Donica is known for his unusual protests and criticism addressed to the government. A few months ago, he brought three trailers in front of the Government, where he accommodated several homeless people. Earlier, Andrei Donica surprised Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca driving after consuming some beer.

Donica's arrest was severely criticized by the civil society. Earlier, the media wrote that the crime of hooliganism is used by prosecutors to get rid of the activists that are uncomfortable for the government.

Ather “acts of hooliganism” include protests of the actor Sergiu Voloc, of the activists Oleg Brega, Anatol Matasaru and Iurie Drăniceru, and that of the lawyer Vitalie Taulean.

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