A two-year-old girl has been hospitalized in a grave condition, being severely beaten by her grandmother. The case took place on the night of February 12th in Sangerei.

Press officer of Sangerei Police Inspectorate, Lilia Harea, specified for CrimeMoldova that the girl was admitted to the hospital with cranial cerebral traumas, a cerebral concussion, bruises on soft tissue of the face, multiple facial and ocular ecchymosis.

"The little girl’s mother, together with her life partner, paid a visit to the man’s mother. In the evening, the girl and her 4-year-old brother remained in the grandmother's care while their parents were out. When they returned home, they found the little girl crying, but the woman could not explain the reason," Harea said.

The girl's brother said the 47-year-old woman

 beat her. Shortly after, the child’s parents called an ambulance and the little girl was hospitalized.

Law enforcers are investigating all the circumstances of the case.

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