Olga Mulic, a 25-year-old woman from the village of Calugar, Falesti district, was left alone for 3 hours to give birth to a dead baby despite the fact that she was imploring the doctors to help her.

The incident took place at the Maternity Hospital from Balti, to which the young woman was urgently hospitalized on June 24.

Olga told for CrimeMoldova that she had an uncomplicated pregnancy and that everything was going on well. Being in the 8th month, the young woman moved from Chisinau to her native village. There she went to the family doctor, who had to register her pregnancy, which did not happen. Likewise, the young woman accuses local doctors of not providing her the necessary assistance when she had an inflammation, they did not even take her blood pressure.

"I registered my pregnancy in Chisinau when I was in the 6th week. I have all the blood tests, ultrasounds, everything was perfect. When I was in the 8th month, we decided to move to the village, I asked the family doctor to register my pregnancy in the village hospital, but she ignored me. Soon I started to feel worse," Olga said.

The young woman added that during her pregnancy, she was extremely responsible, having already had the first child's experience, she made all the tests and at each check-up she ensured that everything was going on well.

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"When I was urgently taken to Balti, I was met by doctors Carolina Frumusachi and Galina Belinschi. They made an ultrasound and said the baby was dead. Then, they transported me to the resuscitation department. There, on a bed, I delivered the baby alone, without any help. It lasted for three hours. I begged them to come and help me. There were two other pregnant women in the room, they got scared and began to cry. It was terrible. The only help came from the anesthesiologist, who checked me from time to time," the young woman confessed.

Olga Mulic also said she had been repeatedly offended by medical workers, who spoke rudely to her.

Sources from the Maternity Hospital of Balti municipality, who requested anonymity, told us that the young woman delivered the baby in the intensive care unit and that she had not been left alone.

"The fetus died because of the woman's high blood pressure, the case is investigated. We collected explanations from all the doctors of the hospital and sent them to the Ministry of Health. The hospital is going to have a meeting dedicated to this case," the source said.

Currently, the Mulics have filed a complaint with the police and addressed a letter to the Health Minister, Ruxanda Glavan, requesting that people who are guilty of the baby's death be held accountable.

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