One company participated and won the private partner selection contest for the design and construction of the so-called Arene Chişinău. However, its name is not made public for reasons of "confidentiality".

The interested companies had 2 months to bid, but only one was interested. There was a 5,000-euro fee for the contest, and the offer would have a bank guarantee of 100,000 euros.

Yesterday, July 6, the Selection Commission opened the company's offer. The members of the Commission have signed confidentiality statements, so citizens have not been informed about the name of the winner.

Previously, for this project, the authorities passed a land of about 70 hectares from Stăuceni under the administration of the Ministry of Education, and changed its destination from agriculture to construction.

For the "Chisinau Arena" project, announced by the Democrats in March 2018, a cost of about 40 million euros was estimated.

The money will be invested by the winning company, and the state will reimburse it within 10 years, from the proceeds of the hall and the state budget.

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