About 110 people, victims of political repressions who have lost their possessions as a result of nationalization or because of confiscation, will get financial aid from the government as compensation for the recovery of their value.

A decision on that matter was taken yesterday by the Executive, with the approval of two settlements on fund allocation and financial sources of 10.6 million lei, for 110 beneficiaries from different regions of the country, including Gagauzia.

According to the settlements approved, the allocation of funds for compensations, will be paid from the state budget and will be awarded according to the value of confiscated or lost goods.

According to the approved procedure, the compensation payment will be made gradually, during a period of up to 3 years, if the value of goods do not exceed 200 thousand lei. If the value of goods exceed 200 thousand lei, then the payment period will be extended to 5 years. 

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