Victoria Pruteanu, the woman with five minor children, who violently killed her husband to defend her life, will provisionally remain released. Chisinau Court of Appeal ruled on Tuesday, November 22, the postponement of the penalty for four years, until Victoria’s youngest child reaches the age of eight years.

However, the court of Appeal upheld the sentence, passed by the Court of Straseni, condemning the woman to three years and eight months of imprisonment, of which she will serve one year and eight months, because she has been under house arrest for two years.

Vadim Vieru, Victoria Pruteanu’s lawyer says he will appeal the decision of the Court of Appeal to a superior court and will demand acquittal of his client. "We still have to fight. However, what happened today is a small victory. It is for the first time when interlocutory judgments have been issued with respect to the behavior of public authorities in Victoria’s case and the prosecutor requested a minimum penalty, even if previously, a term of 12 years was requested. Our position remains the same, Victoria is not guilty and should be acquitted," the defender said.

Victoria Pruteanu’s case raised the public opinion, when two years ago, she was handcuffed in the courtroom in the presence of her children. Under the pressure of the society, the woman was released from prison and placed under house arrest.

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