Vlad Filat's lawyers have published the decision of the Appeal Court judges, following the hearing from November 11th, 2016. The decision was pronounced by the magistrates Nichifor Corochii, Ludmila Ouş și Maria Negru.

The court partially quashed the decision of the Buiucani Court and issued a new settlement in the case of the former prime minister. The judges upheld the first instance related to the punishment of imprisonment for a term of nine years but has changed some aspects relating to confiscation. Also, the magistrates decided that the 15 561 lei court costs to be transferred from the National Anti-Corruption Center to the state budget.

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Vlad Filat told the journalists at the hearing from November 11th that the decision taken by the Court of Appeal is illegal. “It is an illegal decision. We shall go further.” Filat said that the case is a political one, issued on order, since there was a clear leader in the former government.

Filat's lawyer, Igor Popa said that they will go to the Supreme Court of Justice and that during the entire process a lot of Filat’s rights were violated. Former Liberal Democrat leader, did not plead guilty and states that all evidence had been fabricated to put all the blame on him regarding "all the bad things that happened in the banking sector."

The sentence will be announced on the 9th of December.

The Buiucani Court sentenced Vlad Filat to 9 years of imprisonment on June 27th for and fined with 60 thousand lei for malfeasance in office and passive corruption in the file of the BEM fraud. The former prime minister was taken away the “The Order of the Republic” and his goods with a total value of 4 million lei were confiscated.

The prosecution and the defense were dissatisfied with the verdict pronounced Buiucani District Court and have appealed it in the Court of Appeal.

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