Demonstrators groups began to gather in the square of the Cathedral of Christ's Nativity and around the monument of Stephen the Great, at around eight in the morning. Those present were rather disappointed with the number of those who came to protest. In front of the Cathedral were around 50 people, a small number of people were in the camp of Renato Usatîi.

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The National Square was surrounded by police cordons, which were there to ensure the smooth conduct of the military parade dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Moldova's independence. Protesters wanted to have access to the Square. This is what caused the fight at the intersection of Banulescu-Bodoni and Stefan cel Mare. 

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Police used tear gas to calm protesters who stormed the police cords and kept walking to the Square where at 10.00 would begin the military parade with the participation of the armed forces of the Republic of Moldova and the soldiers from other countries: Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, Ukraine.

After the demonstrators were "pushed" out of the Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, they formed several groups: two groups near the Arc of Triumph and a larger one near the monument of Stephen the Great.

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The demonstrators chanted slogans against the government and against Plahotniuc. Many of those present had the #NuMăTem inscription printed on clothing.

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In front of the groups of protesters was the police in full equipment: masks, protective bats. However, the Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, the perimeter of the parade was protected only by policemen in uniforms.

The protesters had different opinions, some even lacked certain political preferences, but the most certainly knew who they will vote for in presidential elections this fall. Those present, explained what they are not afraid of for Crime Moldova. "I am not afraid! But I want to attend, and be in the Square, but look, there are six rows of policemen. That's democracy? I'm here for my grandchildren, for my family, for my native village. But know that they sent people to me, to bride me to testify against the Yes Platform, but I am not for sale, "said Gheorghe Toma, from the Pascani village, adding that only the Yes Platform will have lots of success and Andrei Nastase is the best for the position of head of state. "Only Mr. Nastase deserves to be president! To have such strength of character to go against the oligarchs is particularly strong" the man concluded.

Our Party deputy, says that Square is on high alert as neither the White House nor the Champs-Élysées ever saw.

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Referring to the incident with tear gas, Ilian Casu said that he and his party followers protested peacefully. "I have communicated with the police, those who were against I asked them to find a public space to show their discontent. Whoever wants to protest, protests, and who wants to whistle- whistles. I've done my job of a citizen. It is specific for citizen protests, when based on social media people gather and protest without a specific organizer, "said Casu.

After the protest, Renato Usatîi thanked her lawyer Ana Ursachi for initiating the protest, although Ursachi previously said that the protest has no organizer, and each participant is the organizer.


"The challenges were from Plahotniucs' bandits  dressed in sport clothes. These provocateurs were infiltrated among demonstrators, to give some work to the police. They did everything. People came out peacefully and legally protested. We are not afraid of the government and of a bandit and thief of the billion. He has no moral right to lead this country!" said Constantin, who believes that if the right part will get joined, it will have chances to win the presidential election, saying that:" currently only Dodon has the chances to win. "

Chief of General Inspectorate of Police, Alexandru Pânzari confirmed that during the demonstrations there were provocateurs who were trying to destabilize the situation, but police managed to maintain the public order. A documentary team will give legal assessment to what happened in the Square.    


Another man who sits at one end and shouts at the police, waving his fist in their direction, tells us that a country can not be independent with police on the street. "This is the country's independence? We are dependent on thieves. They brought all the police and the world can not feel independent!" says Vladimir from Ialoveni adding that he does not fear the government which was installed in power through corruption. Leonid says that the change began in the human mentality and that Nastase will win the elections.    

Another citizen said, he is a veteran of the 1992 war on the Dniester and that he is very dissatisfied with the way in which events took place on Independence Day. "I did not have free access to the Square. They had to provide access to all war veterans, "said Anatol, combatant on the Dniester, adding that real change will not take place until after the presidential election. The man sees two possible candidates for the head of the country: Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase.

What the veteran did not say is that no one had acces to the Square except the military parade, soldiers and equipment.


After the parade finished, around 11:30, the protesters moved to the Arc of Triumph. An incident followed: the soldiers who watched the protesters from going over fences to the Square, went to be changed. Protesters used the time and rushed in the Square where a parade of national costumes was supposed to be. They sang, danced and chanted slogans against the government. But the police pushed them to the edge of the Square, backt to the Arc of Triumph. Approximately 30 minutes after, the protest was dissolved, and the police left.

Only spectators remained in the Square.

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