A woman abused by her husband appealed to the European Court of Human Rights (the ECHR) as the Moldovan authorities "punished" the man by an insignificant fine of 500 lei.

The woman's case has been taken over by the Promo-LEX Association. Recently, the Court has asked the Moldovan government to comment on the refusal of the national authorities to apply the aggressor a penalty to the extent of his deeds.

According to Promo-LEX, the woman, mother of three children, was assaulted by her husband in 2011, consequently, she lost her consciousness as a result of the blows received. For this, however, the man received only a symbolic fine of 500 lei.     

Although she had to spend 10 days in hospital due to the injuries received, the woman was transformed from a victim into an aggressor. A criminal case was initiated against her the woman being blamed for causing her husband average injuries and risking up to 5 years of imprisonment.

Even if the victim asked for her husband to be held criminally liable instead of being fined, her request was rejected. The Prosecutor’s Office also overturned the woman's complaints. Moreover, the authorities refused to offer protection to her and her three children.

Given these circumstances, Promo-LEX lawyers, representing the woman's interests, filed an application with the ECHR. The European Court agreed to examine the case and the Government of the Republic of Moldova has three months to offer relevant explanations.

Promo-LEX Association grants free legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, starting with 2009. 

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